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East Lynne 40 School District

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Winter! The very word makes us think of cold and snow-and student safety. 


If we have received a good-sized snow, check the school’s website, listen to the radio or TV, or sign up to receive a text message to insure that school is in session.  As was the case last year, we will call the radio and television stations as soon as we know that school will not be in session.  Most of the time that decision to call off school will be made prior to 6:00 AM.


If it starts snowing or getting slick during the day, listen to the radio, television or check our website to see if we are letting out early.  We will also send out text messages at this time, so get signed up if you would prefer to be contacted that way.  Remember, we have the safety of all of the students as our primary interest.


Plan now for where you want your children to go in case we do let out early and you are at work.  Do they know what to do?  Does the school know what they are supposed to do?  Do they need to ride a different bus, go to a different house, or stay with a friend?  In the excitement of letting out early, it is hard to get to all of the phone calls that come in, so make your plans now.  In the case of small children, please let us know what the plans are so that we can insure that the students go where they are sup­posed to.