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East Lynne 40 School District

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Proposition C Proposal

East Lynne 40 Proposition C Initiative


The East Lynne 40 School’s goal has always been to provide quality education for our students.  Education should provide maximum development of each individual within the limitations of his or her capabilities.


You, the community members, have always supported our school, and we greatly appreciate it.  We all know that without our school, the community would not exist, and without the community, the school would not exist.  They go hand in hand so we must continue to support one another.


The East Lynne 40 School Board of Education will place an issue on the August 5, 2014 ballot.  That issue is the elimination of the Proposition C rollback.  The following are answers to some questions you may have about the ballot issue.


This would be the first voted tax increase in the East Lynne 40 School District in over 20 years.  The last voted tax increase was in 1993.


  1. Why is this issue necessary?


Since East Lynne 40 started a preschool program several years ago the district has received grant money to operate this program.  From preschool’s beginning until the 2011-2012 school year the District received $85,000-$90,000 to operate the preschool.  During the 2011-2012 school year the amount of grant money dropped to $72,250.  During the 2012-2013 school year we only received $41,438 from the Missouri Preschool Project grant to operate our preschool.  During the school year we just completed (2013-2014), the school district received $35,125 to operate our preschool.  This coming school year (2014-2015) we are only expecting to receive $12,000 in grant funds.  The grant will totally be eliminated during the 2015-2016 school year.    


The District has used funds from the general fund to continue operation of the preschool program.  This has been possible because we have received other grants and have cut cost.  Unfortunately a number of factors, the major one being a drop in student population, has resulted in less revenue from the state.  Therefore general funds are no longer going to be available to offset the loss of the preschool grant without taking away from the education we provide our students.


  1. What is Proposition C rollback?


Proposition C is a one cent sales tax designed to provide property tax relief.  Revenues generated by Proposition C were intended to rollback, or reduce property taxes.  Since the proposition has been enacted in 1982, many school districts have requested their patrons waive the Proposition C rollback.  A waiver allows the school district to use the money generated by the sales tax in addition to the tax levy which is based on assessed valuation.  At the present time there are 520 school districts in Missouri.  East Lynne 40 is one of less than 35 school districts in the state which does not have a Proposition C waiver, and the only school in Cass County that doesn’t have a waiver. 


  1. How will this proposed change affect my taxes?


The elimination of the Proposition C rollback would increase the property tax by slightly less than 55 cents per $100 of assessed valuation if the district accepted the full waiver.  The district would have the option of voluntarily rolling back the tax rate if the full amount is not needed.


  1. How much additional revenue will the proposed Proposition C wavier generate for the school district?


An increase of $0.5370 to the tax rate would generate approximately $81,509.21 in local tax revenue at our present level of assessed evaluation. 


  1. What will the addition funds be used for?


These funds would be used to maintain the operation of our preschool.  The funds generated by the Prop C waiver and the amount that is paid in tuition by those that attend the preschool would provide enough funding to continue operation of the program and potentially provide funds for a new preschool facility in the future.  These additional funds will keep the district in good financial standing.


  1. What will the proposed rollback of Proposition C cost me as a tax payer?


The levy would be approximately $4.7640 per $100 of your assess valuation.  This is $0.6712 more than we levied last year.  To calculate what the increased tax would cost over what you paid last year, take your assessed valuation times $0.6712 then divide by 100.  Example:  $5,000 (assessed valuation) times $0.6712 divided by 100 equals $33.56 additional tax.


  1. East Lynne 40 2013-2014 total levy was $4.0928.  How does that compare with the levies of other school districts in our area?


East Lynne                 $4.0928

Sherwood Cass           $4.3195

Archie                         $4.5421

Holden                        $4.5900

Pleasant Hill               $4.7345

Kingsville                   $4.8100

Harrisonville              $5.0772

Strasburg                    $5.4700

Chilhowee                   $5.4887

Drexel                         $5.5003

Lone Jack                    $5.5141

Midway                       $5.8585



Please feel free to contact the school office for help with any of your questions.  The telephone number is 816-626-3511.


Thank you for your continued support of our school!