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East Lynne 40 School District

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The East Lynne School District has the same text messaging system as we had last year.  Everyone needs to sign up in the system if you wish to receive text messages from the East Lynne School District.  If you signed up in the system last year you shouldn't have to sign up again, unless you have a new phone number or cell phone carrier.  If you received a message on the morning of August 1, 2017, you are already registered.

To sign up to receive text messages you will need to access the East Lynne School District’s website. http://www.eastlynne40school.org/ On the main page of the District’s website you will see links at the top of the page to the right of the Cougar picture.  Click on the link “Text Message Signup”.  This will open a new page.  This is where you will sign up to receive text messages.  You will notice “Notifier Text Message Options” on this page.  Right below that you will need to enter your name, cell phone number (10 digits, no spaces or dashes), click on the drop down and select your cell phone carrier, and check the box by “East Lynne School District”.  At this point click the subscribe button.  There are two things that will happen when you click the subscribe button.  You will receive a text message with a code.  There will also be a new window open on your web browser.  In that new window there will be a place to enter the code you received in the text message.  Once you have entered the code and click the submit button you are signed up to receive text messages from the East Lynne School.

If you don’t have unlimited text messaging or are charged a fee for sending or receiving text, there may be a charge to you from your cell phone provider.