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East Lynne 40 School District

District Information

0000 Organization Board Forms

F0320 School Board Elections F0320.1 School Board Elections - Declaration of Candidacy F0320A School Board Elections Attachment F0342 Neopotism Chart F0411 Meeting Agenda F0420 Regular Meeting Minutes F0421.1 . . .

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1000 Administration Board Forms

F1110 Assurance of Religious Expression F1300 Prohibition Against Harassment F1310.1 Civil Rights, Title IX, Section 504 Notice F1310.2 Civil Rights, Title IX, Section 504 Grievance Form F1310.3 Civil Rights, . . .

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2000 Students Board Forms

F2130 Harassment Grievance Form F2130.1 Sexual Harassment Prohibited Notice F2130.2 Discrimination and Harassment Prohibited Notice F2150 Searches by School Personnel: Student Lockers F2150.1 Searches by School . . .

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3000 Financial Board Forms

F3140 Depositary Agreement F3230 Fiscal Instructional Ratio of Efficiency (FIRE) Calculation Worksheet

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4000 Personnel Board Forms

F4120 Employment Application Certificated Staff F4120.1 Applicant Notice: Certificated Position F4120.2 Request for Criminal Record/Child Abuse or Neglect Check F4120.3 Request for Arrest Record F4120.4 Employment . . .

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5000 Support Board Forms

F5260 Safety Standards

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6000 Instruction Board Forms

F6180 ELL Student Home Language Survey F6241 Challenged Materials F6250 Instruction for Students with Disabilities

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