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East Lynne 40 School District

District Information

0000 Organization Board Policies

P0110 District Name and Identification Codes P0200 School District Philosophy P0201 School District Mission Statement P0310 School Board Purpose and Roles P0311 Statement of Practices P0320 School Board Elections . . .

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1000 Administration Board Policies

P1110 Religious Expression P1210 School Year and School Day P1300 Prohibition Against Harassment P1405 Parent and Family Involvement in Education P1410 Relations with Law Enforcement Authorities P1420 . . .

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2000 Students Board Policies

P2100 Nondiscrimination and Student Rights P2110 Equal Educational Opportunity P2120 Students of Legal Age P2140 Marital, Parental Status of Students P2150 Searches by School Personnel P2160 Interviews, . . .

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3000 Financial Board Policies

P3100 Financial Management P3102 Debt Management Policy P3106 Fraud Prevention P3110 Preparation of Budget P3111 Fiscal Year P3112 Budget Implementation and Transfer P3113 District Fund Accounts P3114 GASB . . .

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4000 Personnel Board Policies

P4110 Equal Opportunity Employment P4120 Employment Procedures P4121 Notice of Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) P4125 Notice of Arrest, Abuse Complaint, Traffic Citation P4130 Certificated Staff Contracts . . .

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5000 Support Board Policies

P5110 Building and Grounds Maintenance and Inspection P5120 Maintenance of Facilities P5130 Energy Conservation Measures P5210 Hazardous Materials P5211 Eye Protection P5220 School Bus Safety P5230 . . .

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6000 Instruction Board Policies

P6110 Curriculum Development P6111 Curriculum Planning P6112 Curriculum Research P6113 Curriculum Design P6114 Curriculum Adoption P6115 State Mandated Curriculum: American History P6116 State . . .

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7000 Facilities Board Policies

P7110 Educational Specifications P7120 Procurement of Architects, Engineers, and Land Surveyors P7130 Construction Manager Selection P7131 Design - Build Selection P7132 Selection of Construction Manager At Risk . . .

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