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East Lynne 40 School District

District Information

0000 Organization Board Regulations

R0320 School Board Elections R0321 School Board Officers R0342 Nepotism, Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure R0410 Meetings R0411 Meeting Agenda

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1000 Administration Board Regulations

R1110 Religious Expression R1300 Prohibition Against Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation R1405 Parent/Family Involvement in Education R1420 Community Use of School Facilities R1431 Code of Conduct Adults . . .

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2000 Students Board Regulations

R2110 Equal Education Opportunity/504 Procedural Safeguards R2170 Distribution of Noncurricular Publications by Students R2200 Student Records Requests R2230 Admission of Non-Tuition Students R2240 Admission and . . .

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3000 Financial Board Regulations

R3100 Financial Management R3110 Preparation of Budget R3140 Banking Services R3155 Payments from Federal Awards/Cash Management R3160 Investment of District Funds R3165 Procurement Standards - Federal . . .

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4000 Personnel Board Regulations

R4120 Employment Procedures R4130 Certificated Staff Contracts R4220 Certificated Staff Duties, Schedules and Work Hours R4221 Support Staff Duties, Schedules and Working Hours R4320 Personnel Leave R4321 . . .

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5000 Support Board Regulations

R5110 Building and Grounds Maintenance and Inspection R5130 Energy Conservation Measures R5210 Hazardous Materials R5230 Accident Reporting R5240 Weather, Earthquake and Fire Emergencies R5410 Inventory . . .

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6000 Instruction Board Regulations

R6145 Service Animals in Schools R6190 Virtual Education R6230 Textbook Selection and Adoption R6231 Textbook Usage Students R6241 Challenged Materials R6250 Instruction for Students with Disabilities . . .

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7000 Facilities Board Regulations

R7120 Procurement of Architects, Engineers and Land Surveyors R7130 Construction Manager Selection R7131 Design-Build Selection R7132 Construction Manager Selection

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